Our Services

VH Strategies recognizes that each of our clients has unique federal policy goals. We craft tailored strategies to achieve those goals and add to each client’s business success. We successfully navigate the complex federal policy arena with our clients, using their knowledge base and our diverse experience and expertise.

Policy Advocacy

VH Strategies drives policy change to advance our clients’ interests. These range from creating tax incentives, to protecting our clients from adverse reimbursement cuts and anti-competitive behavior, to guiding client requests for regulatory approvals through the labyrinth of Washington.

Policy Research and Analysis
Our team of professionals monitors action and breaking developments in the Congress. For our clients, we translate legislative jargon into easy-to-understand language for their executives. Conversely, we distill complex business concepts  and goals into actionable legislative proposals before the Congress.
Business Development
Global financial markets and the world of politics are increasing interconnected.  VH Strategies performs political due diligence for clients – including multinational corporations, non-for-profit organizations, and technology startups. Whether you are in need of advice as to how policymakers will react to pending business action or seeking assistance before the federal government with respect to grants and rulemaking decisions, we can help. Additionally, we work with startups to develop new markets in government-regulated sectors.
Coalition Building

We understand how to amplify your voice. In Washington, powerful allies and strong coalitions move the needle, and we can put the pieces together for you.

Strategic Communications

Through our years of experience, we know how to communicate to lawmakers complicated ideas in simple terms. Whether through digital or traditional media, we can get your message across. In addition to our team of professionals, we maintain a solid network of public affairs partners, with whom we collaborate.

Crisis Management

Perception is reality. With respect to crisis management, our efforts on behalf of our clients help them navigate Washington when difficulties erupt. We manage reputational risk.