Bobby Cunningham

Bobby Cunningham is an Associate at Van Heuvelen Strategies. He works with the firm’s Principals on behalf of corporate, nonprofit, and technology startup clients to craft legislative and regulatory strategies, manage stakeholder engagement, and create sales and marketing opportunities for clients operating in the fields of nuclear and renewable energy, peacebuilding, cable television, health care supply chain, telehealth, and information technology. Bobby has a keen eye for tying public policy to political messaging, and he also sources new client opportunities in addition to fundraising for Democrats.

Bobby joined VH Strategies in mid-2016 after campaigning for then-congressional candidate and former Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party, Kathleen Matthews. Previously, he volunteered for two international non-governmental organizations, campaigned for Ed Markey for U.S. Senate before interning for the Senator from Massachusetts in his Washington, D.C office, and worked for 1776, a network of incubators and a global startup community for companies in regulated and government-dominated markets.

Bobby was born in Seoul, South Korea on the anniversary of the Korean Armistice Agreement. He grew up in Washington, D.C., and remains active in his local community, serving as the campaign treasurer for Marcus Goodwin, who is running as an Independent for Council At-Large in the District of Columbia. Additionally, Bobby serves as a Decade Chair for the St. Albans School Alumni Association Board, and he graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in American Politics.