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Who We Are

We are a bipartisan firm specializing in policy advocacy and political strategy. Founded in 2007, VH Strategies has earned high marks for our work achieving a wide array of client goals across the policy spectrum.


Where We Are

VH Strategies is strategically located on both sides of the Atlantic with offices in Washington, D.C. as well as in Amsterdam and The Hague in The Netherlands. Together with a network of partners, we are advantageously positioned to help our clients navigate political terrain in both the United States and Europe.


What We Do

Our Principals have decades of experience running congressional offices, managing federal campaigns, working on high-profile legislation, and securing political, legislative and regulatory victories for our clients.

Sharing Decades of Experience

The VH Strategies team has in-depth knowledge and experience in numerous policy areas ranging from energy and the environment to tax and finance, and from healthcare to insurance and automotive safety. We use this experience to help clients advance their policy goals and add to their bottom line. Our clients are innovators and leaders in their respective fields, and we ensure that they get noticed by key policymakers in Washington. Every client is unique, and accordingly we develop a unique strategy for each one, ranging from outreach and advocacy to business development, public relations, media opportunities and coalition building.

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